The Road is not the Track!

We cannot stress the importance of this enough!

Here at Perth’s Finest we are somewhat overly passionate about motorsport, cars and all things automotive, from the massive V8’s to modified JDM weapons – but there is a dark side to the industry that we cannot ignore.

A dark side that is filled with in-experienced drivers, unroadworthy vehicles and just plain recklessness that often leads to injury and loss of life. While researching for avenues for young motorsport enthusiasts we came across Beat the Heat and thought it is time we start promoting the good side of the industry and its players.

Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat (WA) was designed to build alliances between young drivers and the Police by using the common interest of motorsport to provide opportunities to educate young drivers. It is hoped that this interaction will bring about changes in attitudes that will encourage responsible driver behaviour and acceptance of the road rules in the community.

Beat the Heat (WA) Inc was formed in 2005 by the former members of the defunct WA Police Tango 1 Police Drag Racing Team under the continued management and guidance of Sergeant Mike Pearson. Beat the Heat (WA) Inc is a 100% community based anti-street racing program and is a registered incorporated ‘Not for Profit’ association in Western Australia. This ensures the longevity of the program. Road Safety is a community problem and as such Beat the Heat (WA) Inc relies solely on donations and sponsorship from businesses and the community to operate. The main aim of the Beat the Heat (WA) Inc is to reduce the incidents of illegal street racing on Western Australian roads by encouraging participation in the sport of drag racing in a safe and controlled environment.

Almost every night, young drivers around the country enter into a dangerous game of cat and mouse with local law enforcement officials as they try to seek out locations to engage in illegal street racing events. It happens in virtually every major city around the world. While their parents sleep, young men and women sometimes in their own cars, sometimes in the family car, sometimes by merely spectating, are prepared to risk life and limb in the pursuit of ‘fun’,. Yet despite the accidents, arrests, fines and the danger and risks associated with Illegal Street racing, this activity has been going on for over 50 years. There is an alternative

For more visit Beat the Heat for more info.

Want to Race?

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WhoopAss Wednesdays
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Perth’s Finest does not endorse any illegal activity including street racing, illegally modified vehicles and so on. We want to work with the law and industry experts to promote all that is good in the automotive industry.