RWB tools! Now you can get your own set of Rauh-Welt Begriff screwdrivers

Want to own a small piece of RWB goodness? well how does a set of RWB drivers sound?

These Stella-inspired set of phillips drivers made by OSK Tools for RWB Japan. With a strong black handle and elegant gold shafts, these black-and-gold collection of tools are the perfect addition to and dream garage and live inside the “frunk” of SoCro and RWB garages worldwide.

OSK Tools are a Tier-1 OEM tool manufacturer for some of the best known tool companies such as DEEN and Kyoto Tool Company (KTC) in Japan. If it’s good enough for KTC, it’s good enough for RWB.

Head over to the RWB store and grab yourself a set, or a set of each! and if you are really feeling kind, you can donate a set to the Perth’s Finest team 😉

Some more details on the RWB tools –

RWB Phillips (+) drivers in the box sized as follows:

PH0 x 60
PH1 x 18
PH2 x 38
PH2 x 100
PH3 x 125

RWB Slotted (-) drivers in the box sized as follows:

SL3 x 60
SL4 x 80
SL5.5 x 100
SL6.5 x 38
SL6.5 x 125
SL8 x 150

These Rauh-Welt Begriff tools are made from high quality materials with the handle material being: Polypropylene + Thermoplastic Rubber

Not sure if we would ever take them out of the packaging and actually use them but they sure would look good in the Perth’s Finest tool chest!

Want to know more about RWB or RWB in Perth? Head over to the RWB registry where you will find a collection of RWB builds or head over to the RWB registry – Australia to find out more about the RWB build right here in Aus!


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