RWB 997 Kit – The Rauh-Welt Begriff kit you have been waiting for!

After being teased for a while the Porsche 997 RWB kit is now in its final stages with orders already open.
This will be the first water-cooled Porsche to receive the glorious RWB treatment from Akira Nakia.

This RWB 997 kit will consist of the wider arches but these seem to have been more integrated into the side skirt, a front lip and rear bumper. We have no doubt that there will be more outrageous styling option available (which is what we love).

What we presume will be available for the 997 RWB conversion:
Larger spoilers
A duck-tail style rear wing
Over-sized wheels

If history is anything to go on, we are sure there will be a few aero options and then a few fully race-spec options and with a few images of the Idlers 12hr 997 Porsche floating around on social media, we cannot help but be excited!