Pikes Peak 2019

America’s second oldest race is back for another weekend of action packed motorsport. A race that is as much about winning as it is about team work, but not just your own team – all teams!

Its a race about beating the mountain and finishing is sometimes more important the the time it took, although there is still the top spot and the right to call yourself King of the Mountain up for grabs.

This year will mark the 97th instalment of Pikes Peak which is a testament to the magnitude and scale of this event. An event where it can be sunny at the bottom and 5 minutes later, halfway up the mountain it is snowing.

With smaller budget teams competing against large corporations with global racing development and engineering teams attempting to set new records.

The last record was broken in 2018 by the VW team in the fully electric pikes peak machine with a time of 07:57 – thats 3 seconds under the goal of beating the 8 second mark.