Perth’s Finest – our June catch-up

June has been a great month not only for us here at Perth’s Finest but for the Perth car scene in general.

With some awesome events, dealership visits, and racing events we were certainly busy. We also opened up our businesses services page where we list our current services that are available to Perth’s automotive industry and Perth automotive businesses.

Car events in Perth
We had an awesome Classic car and coffee, although the turnout was not as full as usual, this made for great photo opportunities. We then headed over to the WA hotrod show held at the Claremont Showground – this event was really full and had loads of cars on display.
Besides the awesome hotrods there was and RWB Porsche on display – This RWB happens to be owned by Ktec Rallye and is named OHSO – meaning The King. there was also the Motul R34 GTR on display

Our business services for local automotive businesses

We do web design in Perth as well as content creation and digital marketing. We specialise in working with businesses in the Perth car scene and all of its contributors.

We managed to have a few moments to quickly pop down to the local Porsche, Bentley and BMW dealerships just to say hi and see the new cars on display.
Our favourite cars had to be the Porsche 911 Slant nose, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS and the new, fully optioned BMW 850i.

Next we went to the Euro Rally held at Online Autos Perth, they had just moved into their new business premise so it was great to see such a big turnout at what will surely become a local automotive hangout spot

Until next month, drive safe and enjoy the Perth car community
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