GTR swapped Scooby WRX

With a ton of carbon and custom paint, this Scooby is not like any other you have ever seen. What makes this WRX unique and totally awesome is not the body kit and all the shiny bits – its the fact that this Subaru WRX has Skyline GTR engine! That’s rights this Scooby is running the mighty RB26!

On the inside of this WRX you have a completely custom interior but nothing that is too far from the original, a lot of the trimming has been swapped out with custom carbon fibre trimming. The most notable differences being the dash and the entertainment unit. Carbon bits include carbon door cards and seat backs.

The dash board is now a fully digital that shows all that is going on with the car. An Ipad mini has been installed in the centre as the entertainment system. The Pedals also got an update – with a floor mount pedal setup being used.

Head over to the Hoonigan YouTube channel for more information