Euro Rally – Pre-cruise meetup

With cloudy skies over head, the Euro rally got off to a cold start however the car park quickly filled up with some of Perth’s favorite euro cars. Although the rain was near and drizzle was on and off the passion for cars was not deterred.

Generously held at Online Auto’s brand new business premises in Osborne Park, Perth

A range on newer model M3’s and M4’s were lined up and on display against a very complementing backdrop. With each car sporting different but tasteful mods it made for quite a good automotive photographic opportunity as well as just some good old visual delight which I find is often missed in today’s world of smartphones, social media and short term affirmation in the form of hearts and a thumbs up.

Moving on from the wall of BMW’s were some equally cool and worthy euro models – from the more modern focus RS mk3 & 4’s and the Golf R’s of today’s world to the Lancia Delta & VW golf mk3 VR6 which is quite rare in this part of the world.

Absolutely mint Lancia Delta

A clean VR6 that may be common in places like Europe and South Africa but rather rare in Australia

Although we did not take as many pictures as usual, head over to our Facebook page to see the full gallery of Perth’s Euro Rally – held at Online Auto’s Perth