The BEST Tesla Modifications! Vorsteiner Body Kit

Lets take a look at Vorsteiner’s latest master piece – The Vorsteiner Tesla Model 3 kit named VOLTA

Mostly known for its work on performance and exotic cars, Vorsteiner has crossed the lines this time but the results are totally awesome and speak for themselves. Instead of working on a BMW or Lamborghini they took a rather modest Tesla Model 3 and transformed it into something that is quite literally breaking the internet.

The package is only visual and enhances the otherwise relatively modest exterior design of the Model 3. It’s made of carbon fiber and includes a front spoiler, side skirts, an aggressive rear diffuser, and a small stylish lid spoiler.

The new kit could not be completed with out a set of new shoes and this comes in the form of 21″ wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.

With its mean and aggressive looking front end the humble Tesla is now the envy of all

The new Tesla model 3 kit is currently in production and Vorsteiner are accepting orders, unfortunately, we have no information on pricing just yet.

Has eco-friendly ever looked this good?

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