Club Moolia Perth – An Exlusive Racecar Country Club

What says exclusivity more than country clubs and sports cars?

This one-of-a-kind, ultra-exclusive country club will feature a Formula One-inspired driving circuit, the only Crystal Lagoons in Australia, and a first-class sports academy for golf, tennis, racing, and basketball

This exclusive racetrack country club will open in 2022 in Perth, Western Australia.

Club Moolia Perth features a $100 million racetrack and country club with game-changing technological innovations, numerous activities, and attractions that will engage guests year-round. 

Club Moolia Perth utilizes secured entry and exit points for members who wish to maintain ultimate privacy, while track days are strictly limited to ten cars per session. Members and guests will be able to use the maximum potential of their private race cars, all in the comfort of their own private hideaway.

“Our key differentiating factors are the wide range of luxurious amenities available for members and best-in-class service,” said co-founder Ronald Shaw. “We want to hire only the finest service ambassadors, and make sure that everyone is treated courteously from the time they arrive.” 

This exclusive racetrack in Perth will offer limited memberships costing $30,000 to $100,000 apiece. Each member can invite family, colleagues, or clients to share in the club experience. Memberships are strictly limited to 600 individuals and corporate entities.

If the membership fees sound expensive, it is. But it is in line with the fees charged by other private racing tracks and clubs around the world, including the Monticello Motor Club in New York and the new Concours Club in Miami.

“The club’s offerings cater to a broad segment of affluent visitors, including sunshine lovers, sports enthusiasts, and socialites,” Ronald says. He has studied many luxury facilities around the world, including the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, and Thermal Club near Palm Springs.

The team of developers has worked endlessly over the past three years to uncover the perfect location for Club Moolia Perth. With affluent clients in the region facing a scarcity of lifestyle choices, the team evaluated the competition to develop a unique membership program offering some of the most desired amenities. “When we decided to build Club Moolia, we brought along our intense development mindset and racing experience to the forefront,” says Ronald.

If all of this exclusive treatment for both you and your car sounds expensive, you’d be right.

Qualify as a ‘Celebrity’ and a 30-year Club Moolia membership will cost you $30,000 plus an annual fee of $5000.

Tick all the boxes to be recognised as a ‘Prodigy’ then Club Moolia will ask $50,000 plus $7000 every 12 months.

Conglomerates will have to hand over $100,000 membership plus $8000 each year.

Staggeringly, not all facilities are included on an unlimited basis, and if you spend more than about 40-120 hours (membership depending) on the track, you’ll be stung with about another $450 to keep lapping.

And of all that doesn’t sound quite exclusive enough for you, membership is being strictly limited to 400 ‘celebrities’, 150 ‘prodigies’ and 50 corporate places. Don’t delay!