BMW visit

The next dealer we visit is none other than the BMW dealership, this is always an exciting one for us as our passion for M cars here at Perth’s Finest is very strong. We had a little sneaking suspicion that the new BMW 850i was on the showroom which gave our visit a purpose greater than just admiring some M cars

The new BMW 330i

After the mandatory greeting’s of the friendly BMW staff at the reception desk we made our way to the new 330i – this new model really captures the next few years of BMW styling and key features. As with the new BMW x5 model the lights on the new 3-series really stand out and is a dead give away in terms of differentiating between the older ones and the new ones.

The all new BMW 3-series. this model is a fully spec’d 330i with the Mpack

Next we moved past the new z4, still not a fan ( and I wont hide it) so no photo’s were taken or interest shown.

We then came to the main reason for visiting BMW, the new BMW 8-series and 8-series convertible

BMW 850i

Its hard not to instantly fall in love with the new 8-series especially when it sports the 850i badge and a true BMW fan will know just how awesome and nostalgic that is. From each angel this car just oozes with German engineering and motorsport heritage.

for the full review on the BMW 8-Series read our article here

After some time with the pair of 8-series BMW’s we had a quick glance at the M3 on display and could only imagine how good the newer models are going to be looking when they come out.

Besides how they look – how will they perform? how much room is there in the current M3 and M4 platforms for improvement before looking for something completely new, will they be all wheel drive? hybrid motors?

Can you imagine when we will have to accept that all cars are going the hybrid or electric route and we have our first hybrid BMW M3 or should we say BMW M3 Hybrid

From there, we made a quick walk through the merch shop and made our way out, excited for what our next visit will entail

A big thanks to BMW Auto Classic for the continuing warm welcomes and effort that shines through a meticulously maintained showroom.

Check out them out on our local dealership page

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